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CHINT T&D concentrates on independent innovation, improving core and key technology of T&D to be an advanced manufacturer.


R&D Input

5% of the total sales are put into R&D to support the development in systemization, integration, automation, entering into the high voltage T&D field comprehensively.


Innovation Pursue
A team composed of experienced and talented experts in the field are working together to consolidate and explore the capabilities of CHINT T&D. Every year, improvement on products and services, new patents application are made to push the technical and quality level higher continuously.



By far, Chint T&D possesses 61 patents in China which cover transformers, GIS , circuit breakers ,switchgears, etc. 


CHINT has invested millions on the T&D manufacturing and inspection equipments such as, production line of Sonon cutting, automatically corrugated oil tank and HV static electricity powder spraying, etc., as well as equipping with complete set of auxiliary facilities. On these production and testing facilities brought in from developed countries and persistent flow optimization, We believe the product quality could be guaranteed.


Each of the product is strictly tested before delivery. Many of the products have been approved by the national authorized testing institute, some are approved by KEMA.




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