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10kV-750kV Oil-immersed Power Transformers

CHINT Power T&D offers Oil-immersed power transformers with rated voltage up to 750kV, with annual production capacity 30,000,000kVA. Combined with advanced software and hardware, our products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC standards.


10kV-750kV transformers are mainly made of iron core and windings, which are placed in oil tank filled with insulating oil. It is mainly used for power plant, power transmission and distribution station as the equipment of power transmission.


Application: Suitable for power plant, substation, large-scale industrial etc.

Standards:IEC 60076-1:2000, IEC 60076-2:1993, IEC 60076-3:2000, IEC 60076-5:2006; IEC 60137:2003, ANSI, IEEE, AS, etc.

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Special Transformers

CHINT T&D designs and manufactures special transformers when customer's equipments need a unique voltage according to international standards. The transformers widely apply to industries of mining, electrochemical, aluminum, copper, electroplating, excitation, iron and steel smelting, calcium carbide, organic silicon smelting, alloy, etc.


35kV Oil-immersed Converter Transformer

Application: for converting the voltage of the power system into the voltage required by the rectifier and then into DC power supply in three-phase, 35kV, 50/60Hz power system; constructed by electrochemical processing, electrolysis, electroplating, magnetic, excitation and drawing in metallurgical and chemical industry.

Ratings: Capacity ≤20000kVA.


Rectifier Transformer

Application: applicable for regulating rectifier for aluminum electrolysis power supply in series voltage 1200V, series current 320kA electrolysis system.


Capacity ≤10000kVA for voltage 10-35kV.                   

Capacity ≤150000kVA for voltage 110-220kV.


Furnace Transformer

Application: for converting the voltage of power system into the voltage required by furnaces in three-phase, 35kV, 50/60Hz power system; constructed by smelting iron and steel, calcium carbide, crystalline silicon and ferroalloy.


Capacity ≤10000kVA for voltage 10kV (three-phase)                  

Capacity ≤50000kVA for voltage 35kV and 110kV (three-phase)                  

Capacity ≤12500kVA for voltage 35kV (single-phase)                   

Capacity ≤27000kVA for voltage 110kV (single-phase)


For more details about Special Transformers, please Contact Us.

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