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YBM(P) 29-12/0.4 Substation

Application: YBM(P) 29-12/0.4 series of medium voltage/low voltage pre-fabricated substation is a product designed by our company to meet the needs of urban network construction, with the advantages of compact  structire, strong complete set, safe  and reliable operation, easy maintance and beautiful appearance. The product can be used in diatribution system, which may be looped network distribution system, or dual power or radiation terminal power distribution system.


Standards: IEC1330


YBM(P) 29-40.5/0.69 MV/LV Prefabricated Substation (Wind Power Generation)

Application: The substation is composed of  step-up transformer, medium voltage switchgear Pannel,LV switchgearPannel and auxiliary equipment such as power transformer, and combined with reasonable case for a complete set of substation. 


Standards: IEC1330

NYBM(P)77-40.5/0.69kV(compact type)

Application: YBM(P) 77-40.5/0.69Kv MV/LV prefabricated substation series products are designed for wind power generation, wind generator output voltage is 0.69kV, via 0.69/35kV transformer step-up to 35kV. after 35kV line side via multiple circuits to form a combined unit, by 35kV cable line to 35/110kV booster stations.


Standards: IEC1330

YBM(P)29-24/0.4 24kV MV/LV Prefabricated Substation

Application: The substation consisted of HV switchgears, transformer, LV switchgear supplied all by CHINT to receive and distribute power energy in distribution system of high-rise buildings, residential areas, factories, parks, etc.


Standards: IEC1330

YB29-40.5/12 MV/LV Prefabricated Substation

Application: : YB29-40.5/12 series of medium voltage/low voltage pre-fabricated substation is a three-phase AC 50HZ outdoor equipment with medium voltage of 40.5kV and low voltage of 12Kv(7.2), which is widely used in cities, towns, factories, oil fields and other places.


Standards: IEC1330

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