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Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd,

Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., a leading DCS provider in China, is an affiliated company of CHINT T&D. It focuses on research, design, and manufacturing of automation control products and systems for power plants and industrial processes. The cutting-edge technology offers Xinhua a big advantage in coal-fired power stations control systems. Xinhua is the first manufacturer to produce DCS in China. Its featured DEH control system for steam turbines came to dominate the Chinese market with over 90% market share.



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Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System

In order to keep pace with the ever-demanding automation performance of turbine-generator units running in large power grids, the digital control system DEH has been widely used in steam turbine generator units and so the DEH system has become a node in a distributed control system DCS in a power plant. Whilst digital control systems DEH are widely used in large steam turbines, digital control technology can be used in 1000MW, 600MW, 300MW, 200MW, 125MW, 100MW, 50MW units and below, as well as in steam reheating or steam extraction units.

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XDC800 Control System

To meet the increasing need of users for advanced control functions and management functions, XDC800, an upgraded product of XDPS400 and a network-based automated control system, has been launched by Xinhua Group on the basis of the successful applications of XDPS400 of the past decade in automated control field that covers electric power, petroleum, chemical, iron and steel, papermaking, cement, desulphurization, de-dusting, and water treatment and it has fully utilized technologies in network communication, computer, imbedding technology, field bus, configuration software, and  multimedia, improving the overall technological level of decentralized control systems, and constantly enriching the content covered by the systems.

Click here to download the pdf version catalogue!

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