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About CHINT Group

CHINT is the leading player in the Power Transmission & Distribution industry and Low-voltage electrics industry in China. Founded in 1984 by a few local entrepreneurs and there are branches in over 20 countries and more than 30,000 employees in the world.


About CHINT Electric Co., Ltd

CHINT Electric Co., Ltd is known as CHINT Power T&D, which strives to offer power transmission & distribution equipments as well with EPC services. Since its founding, CHINT Power T&D has focused on promoting the technology and products advancement and providing the professional products and services for energy, infrastructure and various industries.


CHINT Power T&D possesses 7 manufacturing and 1 international sales & EPC business units located in Shanghai, which is one of the world's largest power transmission & distribution equipments manufactory facilities. In addition, its product lines cover all series of power transmission & distribution equipments. Up to now, CHINT Power T&D has already successfully executed a number of products globally in over 130 countries such as Italy, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Australia, etc, as well with EPC projects in over 20 countries and substations in more than 200 countries worldwide.


Around 950 million USD in the year of 2015

Manufactory Area



4,000 employees


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