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l    2015-02

      Manufacture License of Special Equipment People?s Republic of China 

l    2015-05

      Social Responsibility Report Release Cerficate

l    2015-09

       No.9 in Top 50 Shanghai Private Manufacturing Compaines



l    2014-09

       Awarded "Shanghai Excellent  High-tech Enterprises Prize"    

l    2014-10

       China Machinery Industry  Science and Technology Awards



 l    2013-09

       "Power T&D System Integration Service Project" was included in National Torch Plan

l    2013-01

       Awarded "Shanghai Excellent  High-tech Enterprises Prize"   



l   2012-03

      145kV Compact GIS Passed KEMA Tests 

l   2012-05

      CHINT Electric International Marketing Forum for Electric Utilities Was Held 



l    2011-01

Ranked in the 2011 BCG 100 New Global Challengers

l    2011-03

      138kV Transformer Passed KEMA Short-circuit Test

l    2011-09

      Awarded The National Quality Management Highest Prize

l    2011-10

The 4th CHINT International Marketing Forum Held In Wenzhou

l    2011-12

      Awarded BHP Billiton Strategic Supplier for Transformer 



l      2010-11

CHINT T&D ranked No.31 on the 11th China Electric Industry Top 100 list 2010.

l      2010-9

       No.30 in Top 500 Chinese Private Companies (All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, 2010)

l      2010-5

    CHINT T&D was nominated as the Standing committee member of China Electricity Council (CEC).

l      2010-1

CHINT Low-voltage Electrics launched IPO at the Shanghai Stock Exchange of




l      2009-11

    CHINT Group ranked No.3 on the China Electric Industry Top 100 list 2009 and No.2 on the Top 10 Most Competitive list.

l      2009-6
The largest Chinese companies invested Hydro-power station project in Cambodia ever was lauched in Beijing. CHINT Group takes 10% of its whole investment.

l      2009-3
CHINT Solar got the PE fund injection of 50 million USD from the investing company, which will spur the development of CHINT Solar in the future.


l      2008-3
Mr. Cunhui Nan, the Chairman of the Board of CHINT Electrics, attended at the 11th National People's Congress(NPC), which lasted for two weeks.

l      2008-2
ZF21-126 GIS, designed and developed by CHINT independently, was recognized as the National Torch Project (an project organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC , aiming at developing the high-new-technology industries of China). Adopting the new technology, the product took out 5 utility model patents.

l      2008-1
Mr. Cunhui Nan, the Chairman of the Board of CHINT Electrics, was elected as one of the hundred contributing to Chinese economy in the 30years since the reform and opening-up of China. The hundred were evaluated by China Economic Weekly, People Daily, and the www.people.com.cn



l      2007-10
The R&D center of CHINT is recognized as a National level R&D Center, which means the R&D ability of CHINT Group has reached the leading level in the industry of China.

l      2007-8

          CHINT ranked in the China Top 500 Companies, a list released by the relative national authorities.

l      2007-5
The 2nd CHINT International Marketing Fourm (CIMF), gathering about 200 CHINT overseas distributors and end users at the headquarters of CHINT at Wenzhou, China, opened.



l      2006-12
45 medical students got CHINT Scholarship. Up to now, CHINT has contributed more than 12 million US dollars to the society.

l      2006-12
Zhejiang KEMA, a JV between KEMA and Wenzhou Liankai was set up for China LV apparatus testing business.

l      2006-12
CHINT T&D successfully hosted the 5th international conference of IEC/TC111 WG2, and participated the decision-making of related international standards.

l      2006-9
Chairman of CHINT, honoured as the Most Respected Private Entrepreneurs of China (All China Federation of Trade Unions).

l      2006-9
Another series of products of CHINT, low-voltage switchgear gained the title of Chinese Famous Products.

l      2006-8
CHINT ranked 15th in the list of top 100 Companies released by Forbes, which were appraised from all the private companies (both listed as public and not) in China.



l      2005-9
CHINT ranked 205th in the Top 500 Companies in China appraised by China Enterprise Confederation.

l      2005-1
CHINT and GE established a JV located in Wenzhou.


l      2004-5
CHINT was conferred the National Quality Management Award, which was the only private company to achieve this most prestigious title of quality management in the year.


l      2003-9
Three series of CHINT's products, MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker), ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) and Watt-hour Meter, were awarded the title of Chinese famous Products.

l      2003-6
CHINT started the ERP project, namely Digital CHINT, supported by SAP system costing USD 6.25 million, which is aimed to build up an efficient operation system in the next few years.

l      2003-3
CHINT released a plan to build up a global top-ranking T&D industry park with the size of around 1 square kilometer in Songjiang District, Shanghai.



l      2002-8-27
CHINT Group ranked 4th among the top 500 of nationwide nongovernmental enterprises proclaimed by the National Industrial and Commercial League.

l      2002-5-13
CHINT drew the first CCC compulsive certificate in the industry.


l      2000-8-29
CHINT Group Company was awarded as the Nationwide Enterprise with Excellent Quality Management by the National Quality and Technology Supervising Bureau.

l      2000-5-10
Mr.Jiang Zemin, President of PRC of the time, visited CHINT, Wenzhou.


l      1999-12-29
CHINT was nominated as "Well-known Trademark of China by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

l      1999-10-16
The foundation of the hi-tech industrial park of CHINT Group, which has the size of 78,000 square meters and boasts the 1st in the Low-Voltage Electric industry in China per production capacity, was laid in Wenzhou Bridge Industrial Park.


l      1998-7-10
The N series products developed by CHINT Group independently were on exhibit in Beijing, which signified the strategic transition from unilateral learning to independent R&D by the Company.

l      1996-6-7
CHINT Group Company was presented the license of running import and export business by the Ministry of External Trade and Economic Cooperation of PRC.


l      1995-12-22
CHINT Group Company passed the validation of ISO9001 American FMRC Company's quality system certificate.

l      1995-11-10
CJX2 AC contactor had the honor to win the gold prize of the 44th session of Brussels World Inventions Exhibition.

l      1995-5
The PT packing full-sealed tube type fuse, DW17-1600~2500 air circuit breaker and CJ24 AC contactor of CHINT were nominated as the new products of national level in 1995.


l      1994-12-30
Wenzhou CHINT Group passed the validation of ISO9001 international quality system certificate, and came to be one of the first enterprises in Low-Voltage electric industry as well as the first one in Wenzhou, which succeeded in the certification.

l      1994-9
CHINT, was registered as a trademark.

l      1994-2
The first enterprise group of the low-voltage electric appliance industry in Wenzhou area, Wenzhou Chint Group, was established.

l      1994-2-2
Wenzhou CHINT Group was established, which was the first group corporation via the approval of the local government in low-voltage electric industry in Wenzhou area.


l      1986-8
Qiujing Switches Factory set up first testing lab for thermal overload relay in Wenzhou.


l      1984-7
Yueqing County Qiujing Switches Factorythe predecessor of CHINT, was established.


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