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CHINT takes the commitments to the Environment, Resource, Society and Employees, as sustainability is a key part of the company's development strategy:


Environmental protection

l     CHINT takes great measures to limit environmental impacts by emphasizing the importance and management of environmentally sensitive materials such as plastics, SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride gas), and some operational procedures.

l     In Shanghai, CHINT Power T&D effectively protects environment by adopting the most advanced technology and equipments in surface treatment. Energy-saving materials outsourced for improving the whole environment.

l     Implementing the RoHS policy in factories that all exports meet the requirements of regulations enforced by the importing countries. We are also constantly looking for energy-saving materials for improving the whole environment.



l     Although raw materials and labor accounts considerably for the company's activity and total cost, CHINT is evolving substantially from traditional works to a technology-oriented organization.

l     CHINT has set up strict quality control measures, not only for product itself, also for reducing waste.

l     The Company has a very clear view that CHINT will try its best to develop more technologies for reducing resource expenditures.



l     CHINT considers itself as an organic part of the local community, which belongs to the whole society.

l     CHINT supplied more than 17,000 employment positions for the local community. Among them, CHINT power T&D hires 4,300 employees.

l     CHINT paid 48 million USD in taxes as of 2007.

l     CHINT contributed more than 15 million USD to the community, for orphans, for AIDS victims in Henan Provinces, for the children in need of education, etc.



l  Now CHINT hires more than 29,000  employees worldwide with the best average and comparable salaries for them in the local area.

l  Chint adopts H-shaped career path design, and sets up a career development system including 5 major career series, 15 career grades and 39 career levels. The career series may be changed without limitation to job rotation and promotion.  

l  Chint has been adhering to the tenet of ?Continuous Learning?, and has built up a complete internal training system. A matrix-type training mode with expertise longitudinally and management skills and knowledge improvement horizontally based on the job requirements and development paths for the employee of different positions and levels has been constructed. Therefore, the internal and external training resources can be effectively integrated to strengthen training effects through such new training methods as table simulation, role play, case discussion and experience-oriented learning.To inherit the excellent corporate culture, Chint has set up a standard internal trainer team with hundreds of experienced and professional lecturers through TTT training, aiming to fully tap the internal potential and realize the inheritance of knowledge and skills.

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