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BHP Billiton - Australia

l      Introduction: BHP Billiton is a well-known Australian company in the mining industry all over the world. This contract is for one of its mines in Australia.

l      Products: CT& PT, distribution transformer with capacity, 100000kVA, etc. 


<髠㴝骽㴝�㴜❤㴢㴐㩶㴙鐜㴜讨㴕㴿剮㴙㖟㴗�㵉ㄷ㵂櫎㴞⢺㴟珣㵅瑟㵅ᗛ㴙�㴥ᗛ㴙�㵉矊㵅矊㵅浜㵅燁㵅嗮㴯Ὓ㴲豸㴙数㴜ሺ㴝泛㵀䏫㴗㴕౻㴑⾁㴙ಭ㴕ଗ㴟ඬ㴟焓㴞뼵㴜⚅㵂㴿⦵㵂琳㴞油㵀뼵㴜ᷱ㵂᳥㴟ᚓ㴝చ㴮ᘫ㴝蕕㵅葷㵅蓦㵅뚌㴝铺㴜鑷㴜㵃歋㴞㵉Ὅ㴓᩶㵂⛱㵀鮅㴔�㴜❌㴏鮯㴕�㴓ꏌ㴮ד㵂吝㴯赒㴘鏮㴧㴒㴯텧㴯ɵ㵂赅㴚ͩ㴝枆㵂栘㵂棦㵂滳㵂殉㵂楸㵂淛㵂櫔㵂歈㵂毹㵂繑㴜豸㴙䤱㴬덙㴚鞅㴪ᒥ㵔㈥㴦浇㴨繑㴜⪎㴗ᒾ㵔눕㴮�㴕︭㴞悧㴲繑㴜繑㴜❺㴪ら㵂㉞㴗⠗㴗⒪㵁⋛㴦甑㵂畚㵂痄㵂⸅㴮ᓰ㴬┸㵘㴒繑㴜숁㴜㠕㴓㜎㴓킺㴐婕㴓㢋㴐끢㴗ඕ㵂톟㴯豬㴘숁㴜刅㵙㴜?㵂ﻁ㵁肋㴡숁㴜繑㴜첡㵂꼔㴘邐邐讐嗿噓疋圈譖䘱��㝵㍴ދ쾋郿Ƙ>Rio Tinto - Australia

l      Introduction: Rio Tinto is a world leader in finding, mining and processing the earth's
mineral resources.

l      Products: CT.


Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) - <쎌Ǣ>Australia

l      Introduction: Fortescue Metals Group is a well-known Australian company in the mining industry.

l      Products: 33kV power transformer.


VISY Paper - Australia

l      Introduction: VISY paper is the world's largest privately owned packaging and recycling company rooted in Australia. The contract is for the manufacturing facilities of VISY in its factories world wide.

l      Products: Switchgear panel.

Chevron - USA

l      Introduction: Chevron is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies engaged in every aspect of the crude oil and natural gas industry, including exploration and production, manufacturing, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and sales, geothermal energy, and power generation. 

l      Products: Switchgear panels and distribution transformers.


Saint Gobain - France

l      Introduction: Saint-Gobain is the world's largest building materials company, as well as a global leader in the production of high-performance materials and glass containers.

l      Products: 35kV oil-immersed transformer, 35kV switchgear, 10kV switchgear, cable, busduct.

Fincantieri - Italy

l      Introduction: Fincantieri is one of the largest groups in the world in the design and construction of merchant and naval vessels.

l      Products: Power transformer.



l      Introduction: CODELCO is the Chilean State owned copper mining company formed in 1976 from the foreign owned copper companies. It is currently the largest copper producing company in the world and produced 1.66 million tonnes of the metal in 2007, 11% of the world total.

l      Products: Dry type transformer.


Cement Plant- Vietnam

l      Introduction: YEN BINH Cement Plant is northeastern Vietnam's largest cement plant. This contract is for its manufacturing facilities.

l      Products: Switchgear panel;

Power distribution automation;

HV capacitor compensation device;

DC panel;

Bus bar duct ;

Prefabricated substation.


Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) - Venezuela

l      Products: Power transformer.


Steel Company - India

l      Products: Capacitor, distribution transformer.


Aluminum Factory - Iran

l      Products: Switchgear panel.


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