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CELEC S.A - Ecuador

l          Project Introduction: CELEC S.A is the national electricity company of Ecuador. CHINT T&D supplied 24 sets of power transformer 69kV, 138kV, 230kV, including the overall installation and commissioning...



EIFFAGE - France

l          Project Introduction: EIFFAGE is one of Europe's eighth largest construction and concessions group, CHINT T&D has been cooperated with FORCLUM, the electricity engineering business unit of EIFFAGE since 2008. CHINT T&D have supplied power transformers, distribution transformers, reactors, circuit breakers, disconnectors, etc. to the national electricity companies of Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana...



BHP Billiton - Australia

l          Project Introduction: BHP Billiton is the world's top mining company from Australia. CHINT T&D have established 5-year long term supply partnership with BHP Billiton since 2009. Up to now, CHINT T&D have already supplied 40 sets of transformers of 66kV and below to BHPB for its mines in Australia...



TANESCO - Tanzania

l          Project Introduction: TANESCO is the national electricity company of Tanzania. CHINT T&D offered turkey solution to a 35kV substation of TANESCO, with all products for the substation supplied as well as installation and commissioning...




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